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MiniDX4 - Portable Magnetic Stripe Card Reader and Data Collector

$ 59.00

 MiniDX4 - Portable Magnetic Stripe Card Reader Data Collector


 Key Features:

  • Transfer data to MSR206, MSR605 or MSR606 directly.
  • Data is read from the cards and stored in memory before uploading to computer.
  • 2M memory for storing 8000+ data, Triple track version can collect all 3 tracks data
  • USB/Battery powered and includes low battery indicator.
  • Battery lasts for 72 hours and is rechargeable.
  • Charged by power adapter (5v /110~240v) or USB cable.
  • Fully charged in an hour.
  • Dimensions: L 7.8 x W 2 x H 2.6 cm
  • Net Weight 1.8 oz
  • Every transaction contains date and time stamp of data input
  • Includes easy to use software
  • Password protection for user security


Package Contains: 

  • 1 MiniDX4
  • 1 USB Cable
  • 1 CD Containing Software